• Stay in Touch:  If anyone is aware of a member(s) that have not attended services within the past 3 weeks, please submit the name(s) to Sis. Gary.

  • Reminder : King Solomon will be the host for the Annual Citywide Communion Service sponsored by the North Bay Ministers Union tonight at 6p.m.

  • Reminder: Fasting  Wednesday, December 4th from 10a.m. -2pm.

  • The Inspirational Choir is spearheading a church fundraiser collecting pocket change.  Any change can go in the Jar, which will be placed in the lobby at the end of every Worship Service and Meeting. Prayer changes things, and your change will add up towards our goal as a church body to raise funds. Nothing is too small for God- Transformation 2019.


  • December 1     11:00a.m.                   Communion    

  • December 1   6:00p.m.                      Citywide Communion Service

  • December 4     10a.m.- 2p.m            Fasting

  • December 31 TBA                               Gala Night

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