When we go through things in life do we learn any lessons from it? Do we remember all the blessings and all the favor that has been shown to us? When we go through our tough times do we keep our heads up and acknowledge all that God has already done, and hold fast to our faith, trusting that “this too shall pass?”

Can we look at it this way, God is our teacher and the world is our classroom. We have our study guide- our Bible, and through Jesus Christ we are given all the instruction we need for daily living. Remember the test is coming.  When you’re trying your best and trouble still comes and it seems that God is not around, you may be in the midst of a test.  Remember the teacher is silent at test time.  You’ve already been given all you need to pass the test; will you succeed to the next level or will you have to go through the test again? Remember God tests us, not tempts us, to strengthen us, to develop our character, to prepare us for the tasks ahead.  Don’t just be faithful when the test are harder than you expect, when the pressure becomes too much.  Continue to acknowledge Him even when all is going well.  He is not a God to sit on a shelf and take down only when you need help to pass the test.

V.L.S.-“Through all of my faults, my failures, and my imperfections; God will cover me afresh.”

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