In Luke 7, when Jesus was questioned about the woman who weeped, and washed His feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair and then kissed them and oiled them with an expensive perfume; Jesus told the parable of a certain moneylender who had forgiven (canceled) the debt of two men who could not repay their debt. One man’s debt was significantly higher that the other. The question who loved him more? The one who had the greater debt canceled.

No matter the things that we have done, when we go to God in all sincerity, sorry for the things that we have done (repent), He will forgive us.  It is because of the blood of Jesus Christ that we are forgiven.  Humble ourselves and show Him that we truly want to live a saved life, letting go of the old things and allowing Him to do a new thing in us. Your wealth, your fame, your good deeds; while the may be great to you, they are nothing if you are not putting God first. Gain can be taken as easily as it is given.

God has been right there with us through all that we have done; the good, the bad, and the ugly; and He has never taken His hands off of us.  It should be so humbling to know that through all of our junk He love us anyway.  I’ve heard it said that broken things become blessed things when we give it to the Master and let Him put it back together.  Don’t let your past mistakes make you feel as if you are too far away from God to be forgiven. Remember it is through Him only, His grace and His mercy, that we are saved.  Let no one tell you that God can’t use you. He can use any and everything.  He can take the ordinary and make them extraordinary!

V.L.S.-“Through all of my faults, my failures, and my imperfections; God will cover me afresh.”

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